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This section is intended to show the various types and styles of belting that are available for the use on spirals. Unlike straight running conveyors, spirals can only use belts which can make a radius turn, which limits the types and styles that can be used on these systems.

You can use the 3D program to view these belts from all sides. Belts are listed by general types and styles when we can and by manufacturer when a belt is proprietary to a specific company. Any/All company listings will be alphabetical only.









The final decision of selecting a belt of your choice should be made between you, the manufacturer of the spiral and the belt manufacture. We also list a short description of the belts main characteristics for your initial evaluation, as well as a general comparison between plastic belts and metal belts.

If there are belt manufacturers which would like to be considered for listing, and have not been included in this section, please feel free to contact us. We have listed 95% of all spiral belts that are currently used on low tension spirals. We have not listed belts which are of special proprietary belt design which can only be used on a single type spiral.

If further help is needed in selecting a belt, please contact us.