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Refrigeration / Thermal

Any spiral system requiring an enclosure with air handling will benefit from the high side experience we offer. Whether you are freezing, cooling or heating a product, we supply the complete package for you.


If you have a local refrigeration contractor we work closely with them to ensure you get a complete system piped and wired to your expectations.

If you need a new central refrigeration system and do not have local refrigeration contractor experience, we find them for you and work closely with them to ensure you get a complete system.

We also have stand alone packages, usually Freon based, that can be installed together with the spiral on a packaged basis.

Freezer Analysis:

Helps you decide which type freezer method is best suited for your company, what your cost will be and how they compare to other methods.


Our systems come complete with all air handling and conditioning components which are required for the application.

Specific Heats

When cooling or freezing a product, we must calculate the heat loads involved and need to know general information on the products we are processing... 

On your next project requiring any thermal process which requires time and temperature changes contact us to see how we can help you.