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When it comes to spiral systems, we offer the most complete services that you can find anywhere. Please review the following area of expertise we offer on spirals, then contact us on your next application.


When you want to get the most equipment into the least amount of space, this service is for you. Spare Parts


Whether you need to review spiral proposals or write specifications for a spiral project, we can help you maximize your investment. The cost is minimal; the benefits to you are big, big, big.

Spare Parts:

Many parts used on spirals are universal and interchangeable between manufactures. A complete parts list for your maintenance personnel to view is attached.
Spare Parts (4.3mb PDF)

Plastic Belt Retrofits:

Need a crew to come in and change out your metal belt to plastic. Call us to learn about our retrofit program and how it can save you money.

Spiral Relocation:

Our experienced installation crew has many years of relocating spirals from one facility to another, call us for a quote.

Spiral Rebuilds:

As part of our extended maintenance program we offer rebuilds of your spiral at your site location, changing out major components as well as spiral configuration.

Spiral Troubleshooting:

Having problems with one of your spirals, either in operation or in startup mode, just call us to see how quick we can get it corrected. Our experience in applications is unmatched.

Freezer Cost Analysis:

Before you make the final decision to freeze your product, we can show just what your real cost are going to be, both in $$$ per pound of product plus in long term operating cost. Freezer Cost Analysis


When you need to troubleshoot the high side of your spiral system, or just need to increase your output, give us a call to see how to get more out of your Ammonia or Freon System.

Used Spirals:

We have continual sources for used spirals when you need them, contact us for current listings. Used Spirals  


Find out how a freezer system from us can qualify for up to a 42% refund on your tax dollars, and how all of your payments can be made in pre tax dollars. Financing